Bringing Craft Coffee Culture to New Hampshire

July 16, 2014

A recent New York Times article discusses an emerging subculture in New York City and throughout New England: Craft Coffee. While this article highlights cafes and roasters offering quality coffee products, it also outlines key elements of “serious coffee.”

Cassandra Lien Latte Art at Luna Coffee in Fargo. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Cassandra Lien Latte Art at Luna Coffee in Fargo. Dave Wallis / The Forum

“Serious Coffee,” “Craft Coffee,” “Artisan Coffee.”
 These are all terms to describe quality ingredients, brewing practices and innovative ways of providing excellent coffee. Most importantly, they are not unique to New York City. In fact, they’ve been making their way eastward from the west coast for years. In an effort to provide the highest quality cup of coffee, A&E Coffee Roastery & Whole Leaf Tea goes to great lengths to select the highest quality organic, shade grown and sustainable coffees. A&E owner, Emeran is one of roughly one thousand Licensed Q-Graders, bringing an immense body of knowledge to selecting quality coffee and maintaining the highest standards for specialty coffee at A&E. In alignment with the A&E mission, all A&E baristas are educated about coffee quality and are passionate about bringing craft coffee culture to New Hampshire.

The region or country the coffee beans originate from says a lot about the characteristics that will be shine through in its brewed form. With increased awareness of growing practices and standards of living for farmers, more and more consumers are placing greater importance on selecting coffees that are fair trade and grown sustainably. Origin matters for quality coffee and A&E carefully selects coffees with unique flavor profiles.

How the coffee beans are roasted will influence the flavors that will appear once it is brewed. A lighter roast often complements a coffee bean with a complex flavor profile, allowing a wide range of flavors to be present in the brewed coffee. A darker roast, while strong and robust, can sometimes overpower a bean that has more subtle flavors. Matching the roast level to the type and origin of the bean is an extremely important part of brewing a quality cup of coffee. Each type of coffee that A&E selects will be matched to a specific roast level, aimed at highlighting the bean’s unique characteristics.

Like most produce, coffee’s freshness won’t last forever. The more freshly roasted the beans are, the more “bright” and noticeable the various flavors will be in the cup of coffee. The longer roasted coffee beans sit out, the more stale they will become and the duller the flavors will be. Freshly roasted coffee brews the most flavorful coffee.

Brewing Technique
There are many ways to prepare quality coffee and each technique brings out the flavors of a particular coffee in a different way. Pour Over techniques have gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts for bringing out a wide spectrum of flavors, and works well for lighter roasts that have a complex flavor profile. Other methods like Aeropress and French press create robust brews, great for a creating a strong cup of coffee. Regardless of the technique used, all of the A&E baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about creating the perfect cup of coffee, and utilizing the best method to bring each coffee to life.


A&E Coffee Roastery and Whole Leaf Tea is dedicated to bringing quality coffee to New Hampshire. All their coffees are personally selected by owner Emeran Langmaid, and are hand roasted at the roastery in Amherst, NH.

This month, A&E will expand after acquiring JDub’s Coffee in Manchester. The building is currently undergoing renovations and will be open for business in early July. Both locations feature specialty drinks and will showcase custom whole bean blends for sale in house. Both the Amherst and the Manchester locations provide a space for customers to enjoy well-crafted, quality coffee.

Come by and have a cup yourself!

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