Brazil – Coopfam

January 30, 2012

This is the first in an occasional series on the origins of the coffees we carry at A&E.

The life of Coopfam beans begins at 3900 feet in Brazil. Coopfam is a Brazilian Fair Trade Producer group of small farmers. The ICO’s Coffee Club website is an interesting source of more information about coffee producers – and it shares that Coopfam helps its participants to improve their lives and communities in a variety of ways. Home improvements, health care, sustainable agriculture, and education projects have all felt the impact of this beneficial collaboration. At A&E you can participate in the process by enjoying a cup of their coffee.

Though the origins of Arabica beans lie on the Arabian Peninsula and in northern and western Africa, they have found a home in South America as well – coffee is an international language after all.

This bean flourishes on small, Catuai plants, petite, but full of flavor. A taste of dark chocolate defines this roast and words like rich robust, smoky, and long tell you it is a drink made to be savored.

What would you pair with a coffee bearing such a distinctly chocolatey flavor? More chocolate, for a decadent treat, or something else entirely?

Coopfam coffee is Fair Trade

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