Choosing a tea
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Brewing the perfect cuppa

Next time you’re settling in with your favorite cup of comfort tea, close your eyes before you sip, and inhale. Your senses will give you your first clue as to why tea has, for centuries, been equated with relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Most ...
Tea Leaves
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The Tea Tree

We all know tea is made from steeping tea leaves. But not everyone has considered where those leaves come from, or that there are two main varieties of tea trees from which the many varieties of tea originate. Tea is made from the leaf of the tea ...
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The story of tea

Tea goes by many different names: te, tee, teh, cha, chai, caj, cay. Its history is as long and complicated as it is beautiful. The origin of the legend of tea goes back as far as 2737 B.C. The Emperor of China, Shan Nong, boiled his drinking water. ...