Coffee Culture on the Mountainside

Our coffee ambassador When Emeran and I visited La Voz Coffee Cooperativa along the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we had the privilege of being guided up the Nariz mountainside by a coffee farmer named Erwin. Erwin was the type of person who can bridge...

Coffee Mountain

Coffee Bean Flour {Treat yourself}

Something green is cooking at A&E Coffee beans? Well, yes.  Always. Right now I’m referring to coffee beans that are left a little more green and then used in baking. Dan Perlman, a Brandeis professor, recently discovered a way to use lightly roasted coffee...

Beans can be roasted lightly to make coffee bean flour.

Cafe Make-Over

Our Amherst cafe is getting a make-over in the near future. We have morphed our space many times over the years and we are about to update again. This time, we are focusing mainly on the sitting area, which we lovingly call the Sun Porch. Quality Customer Service...

Story Board

Cold Brew – the science, the art

Cold brew coffee has been gaining traction throughout the coffee industry over the past few years.  It's famous for its smooth, rich, non-acidic flavor.  Select cafes across the country are now serving it on a nitrogen tap, as a Guinness beer would be served.  We...

Cold Brew

Norma Lara Coffee is BACK!

A&E Coffee Roastery and Tea welcomes back Norma Lara Micro-lot Honduran coffee just in time for the fall. This customer and staff favorite is not only an exceptional cup of coffee but also an example of a great global collaboration between coffee producer Norma...

June Specialty Drinks in the Cafe

There are two reasons why we are excited for our drink specials for the month of June. The first is that we are not only bringing back our highly praised Lavender Lemonade for the summer, but also introducing completely new drinks; these new drinks include our...

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