Make a Great Cup of Tea in 3 Easy Steps

Making a great cup of tea is easy. It should be relaxing, fun and enjoyable. But when you go through the effort of making a cup, it can be frustrating when it turns out bitter, weak or over-extracted. To ensure a quality cup, you need to pay attention to a few...

Blueberry Black Tea

Choose One Word in 2017. Ours is Discernment.

New Year's Resolutions New year's resolutions have been around since the time of the Babylonians, some 4000 years ago. In fact, the Babylonians were the first to hold recorded parties to bring in the new year. The famous ball in New York has been dropping since...

New Year's Resolution

Coffee Processing: Washed method

Did you know that processing coffee is as important as tree variety and roasting when it comes to quality flavor? When Americans shop for coffee, we tend to focus on where it comes from as an indicator for taste. If we had one great coffee from Colombia, we assume...

La Voz Co-op

Elevation and its affect on coffee taste

In the coffee industry, we often talk about elevation. We list it on all of our single origin coffees labels at A&E. This information can tell you a lot about the coffee you're buying if you know what it means. How does elevation affect taste? Elevation ...

Coffee Culture on the Mountainside

Our coffee ambassador When Emeran and I visited La Voz Coffee Cooperativa along the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we had the privilege of being guided up the Nariz mountainside by a coffee farmer named Erwin. Erwin was the type of person who can bridge...

Coffee Mountain

Coffee Bean Flour {Treat yourself}

Something green is cooking at A&E Coffee beans? Well, yes.  Always. Right now I’m referring to coffee beans that are left a little more green and then used in baking. Dan Perlman, a Brandeis professor, recently discovered a way to use lightly roasted coffee...

Beans can be roasted lightly to make coffee bean flour.
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