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Cafe Make-Over

Our Amherst cafe is getting a make-over in the near future. We have morphed our space many times over the years and we are about to update again. This time, we are focusing mainly on the sitting area, which we lovingly call the Sun Porch. Quality ...
Raising kids to be good employees
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Raising a Quality Employee

This is my son, Coulter Shaw Langmaid. He is 12 and in 7th grade. Coult is a great kid, and that is a completely unbiased assessment. Just ask any teacher. He has his moments, as we all do, but in general, he has been easy to raise. Let me preface by ...
February Special 2016
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Specials for February at A&E

The key words this month are floral and spice. What is the best way to deal with the winter doldrums? Spice it up! What is the best way to dream of springtime? Bring in the rose and lavender. We are not messing around with these specials. Come by our ...
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Coffee Acid: Friend or Foe?

I see many customers come into the café requesting a coffee with low acidity. It is clear that coffee acid can upset people’s stomachs, producing symptoms like acid reflux. For years we have recommended our Kona, with its perceptibly smooth lack of ...
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Norma Lara Coffee is BACK!

A&E Coffee Roastery and Tea welcomes back Norma Lara Micro-lot Honduran coffee just in time for the fall. This customer and staff favorite is not only an exceptional cup of coffee but also an example of a great global collaboration between coffee ...