Norma’s Coffee is Finally In-House!

August 4, 2014

This spring we shared Norma’s Story – of how a life tragedy led to the beginning of a dream to produce the best coffee.

Now, we finally have it in house!


This is a delicious coffee with a lot of complex flavor. You get tangerine, melon and honey components, with hints of cocoa. The finish is very clean and citrusy. Since it was in February that I had last cupped it, I was excited to find that this coffee stored really well and tastes fantastic!

This is definitely a premium coffee. We will be featuring this coffee as a pour over in Manchester and will also be serving it in Amherst.

We will have a few “sneak peek” samplings at both the Amherst and Manchester cafes, so keep an eye out for it or ask one of the baristas how you can get a cup!

Maintaining quality relationships with coffee growers and ensuring sustainable practices are used, are at the core of A&E’s mission to provide the highest quality coffee. A&E is very excited to support Norma as a coffee producer and take part in her story one cup at a time.

Norma with her colleagues at the Cocafelol co-op

Norma with her colleagues at the Cocafelol co-op

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