How Coffee Changed Norma’s Life

May 20, 2014

As is common in Central America, Norma married very young. While originally from Honduras, Norma’s husband found work in Guatemala and the couple moved. After having a daughter in their new home, Norma’s husband again moved for work, this time back to Honduras, leaving Norma and her daughter in Guatemala. Five years ago, Norma’s husband returned to Guatemala to bring the family back to Honduras with him. He was killed en route.

Norma had nothing to her name when her husband died. Graciously, her father gave her a little over an acre of land and her husband’s cousin, Delmy, gave her a job at Cocafelol coffee co-op. On her land she has planted Paca and yellow Catuai. This year Norma produced 20 bags of microlot to sell, and I have bought 4 bags for A&E.

I visited the Cocafelol in February and spent the day cupping different coffees. The coffees produced by Norma were by far my favorite, and Norma’s face lit up when she learned that I liked her micro-lot the best. In fact, she also plans to continue her cupping education, and eventually take the Q Grade Exam.

Norma’s story doesn’t end here. She aims to buy more land and progress the quality of coffee she grows. Norma wants to create a legacy of coffee for her and her daughter, and these cups are the beginning of that dream.


Norma’s coffee will be available for online sales next month. Keep an eye out for it online and in our café!


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