Summer means fruit smoothies!

June 16, 2011

It’s summer here in New England and we are rolling our our 100% crushed fruit smoothies.

Over the years, I have tried many smoothie mixes and, in my opinion, none have come close to Dr. Smoothie, a provider of 100% whole fruit smoothie concentrates. Many other mixes have a stabilizers to keep the smoothie blended, but they leave an aftertaste. Or, they are overly sweet with unnatural flavors and colors. We like natural flavors and words we can pronounce. We like natural colors too. And we really like things that taste good, even if the ice does separate in the cup.

Using the Dr. Smoothie products, we are making delicious drinks in some great new flavors this year: orange-tangerine, apple, mango-tropics and strawberry. We are also carrying a probiotic yogurt supplement to add to the smoothies.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie is one of the June specialty drinks, and it is pretty amazing. The yogurt gives the smoothie a rich, creamy taste will all the benefits of yogurt. Many cafes use a soft-serve ice cream base in their smoothies and frozen lattes. Although it is creamy and sweet, it adds a lot of calories, sugar, and unnatural products to the drinks. (The list of ingredients covers the entire side of the carton.)

That is not to say we only carry all-natural wholesome products. We do offer some things that have sugar and calories, too. Just look at our pastry case!

However, when it comes to fruit smoothies, we think that it should be a just that; a FRUIT smoothie that you and your kids can enjoy. In fact, you can check out Dr. Smoothie to see for yourself.

Next on our list of frozen drinks is a matcha green tea smoothie made with 100% matcha green tea, soy milk and honey. We are working out the specific ratios, and are excited about the new addition, hopefully for July.

We welcome your feedback on our smoothie selections. Have you tried one? How was it?

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