Art in the Cafe: Jonathan Webb, photographer

April 1, 2011

In the café, we hang art from local and regional artists. Each show is mounted for two to three months and all artwork is for sale.

Currently, we are displaying the work of Jonathan K. Webb, a Milford resident.  To Jonathan, photography is “a frozen piece of time, printed on paper for us to look at, ponder, examine, leave it be and come back to look at again.”

As an art form, Jonathan believes photography is an expression of emotion and an exploration of what’s deeper than what we’re merely looking at.

Several pieces from his “A Blue World” series are hung in the café. They include shots from Bellows Falls, VT, and Keene, NH. In addition, the collection includes photos taken around Milford, NH, which is the next town over from us (or the café), for those non-NH readers.

I think there’s a wonderful diversity in his collection. I like the super-local shots as well as how some of them have been manipulated. The color is wonderful.

What I really like about his photography is that Jonathan takes a complex shot – you have to spend time to figure out what you’re looking at or what direction you’re looking at it. It takes some effort on the part of the viewer and I think that’s what art should do.

Jonathan grew up in Francestown and has been a photography hobbyist for about three years. He is mostly self-taught and the goal of his photography is to see the world from a different view.

To view Jonathan’s work, come into the café, or visit his website to view his portfolio. His work will be displayed through mid-April.

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