Coffee: it’s not just for drinking…but you knew that…

January 26, 2012

Take a look at this amazing “coffee art” website. Angel and Andrew Saur are the fine artists behind this gem.

The Saurs literally paint with coffee. Unusually, they actually work as a team, conceptualizing and executing the pieces as a pair. The results are works that have a “sepia-tone” watercolor look to them. The dynamics of shade are what make the images powerful…contrast is critical. Don’t miss their extensive online gallery, it’s the best part! They also create custom paintings.

Just Coffee Art's Coffee Connoisseur piece

We can’t help but wonder: do different types of coffee create different colors, tones, contrasts? Does the coffee of a certain continent or country have its own artistic character? Do the finished paintings…smell like COFFEE?! Do they ever argue while painting (perhaps that’s more than we need to know)? Do they drink coffee while painting? Have they ever accidentally spilled coffee on a canvas as so many of us have spilled it on the computer keyboard? And…why didn’t someone think of this before?

Here are some fun downloadables from their website, including a Coffee Personalities Poster”, a screensaver, and more! Which coffee personality are you?

Of course they have their own blog, and of course it involves some photos of them with some clients…some of them royal clients.

Coffee is for the body as much as it is for the soul.

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