Is Drinking Coffee Healthy?

Have you ever wondered if the cup of coffee you’re drinking is healthy? Are you confused by the yearly headlines touting or dismissing the health benefits of coffee? Today we are here to clear the air a bit and discuss the health benefits of coffee consumption with...

drinking coffee is healthy

Have a new staff? Create a healthy work environment.

Are you hiring a brand new staff? The turnstile of hiring can be draining. All the reports indicate that staffing is a major concern for retailers as we head into summer. How can you retain new staff? Besides monetary benefits, having a healthy work environment can...

Staff Blog Post

Kindred Heart Coffee & Tea Collection

It’s the season of love and appreciation, which is why we took the time to curate some of our favorite coffees & teas for you to share with the people you love. We were blown away by the excitement for our Holiday Tea Sampler, so we’re remixing it for...

Kindred Hearts Collection

Comfort and Joy. Really?

What does Comfort and Joy mean to you? It's a good question to ponder as we enter this holiday season. Honestly, most of 2020 has been lacking in the comfort and joy category. We find ourselves in a world stripped of norms, and we are navigating how to find comfort...

Holiday Coffee Box

Stay at Home Recipes featuring Coffee

As we are staying at home, we are spending more time in the kitchen. Over the years, we have tried a lot of recipes using our coffee and tea. The first recipe blog we wrote was back in 2011. It has been fun to go back and look at those recipes. Some were successes...

Excellent Coffee

COVID-19 Update

As you know, COVID-19 has dramatically interrupted daily life. We have taken swift measures to stay on top of the latest recommendations for food service. Thank you for being flexible as things continue to change daily if not hourly. Also, thanks to our managers...

Covid 19 business update
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