drinking coffee is healthy
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Is Drinking Coffee Healthy?

Have you ever wondered if the cup of coffee you’re drinking is healthy? Are you confused by the yearly headlines touting or dismissing the health benefits of coffee? Today we are here to clear the air a bit and discuss the health benefits of coffee ...
Holiday Coffee Box
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Comfort and Joy. Really?

What does Comfort and Joy mean to you? It’s a good question to ponder as we enter this holiday season. Honestly, most of 2020 has been lacking in the comfort and joy category. We find ourselves in a world stripped of norms, and we are ...
Covid 19 business update
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COVID-19 Update

As you know, COVID-19 has dramatically interrupted daily life. We have taken swift measures to stay on top of the latest recommendations for food service. Thank you for being flexible as things continue to change daily if not hourly. Also, thanks to ...
Sundried Coffee
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Sundried Coffee Series

Sundried coffee, also known as natural processed, is similar to a raisin. What? You may ask, does coffee and a raisin have in common. Well, read on my friend. Coffee Cherry Coffee beans are actually seeds of a coffee cherry. The seeds take up most of ...
Sumatra Grower
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Goodbye to Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra has been a core coffee for years. Thinking back, it has been in our offering for over 15 years. Sumatra coffees are processed in a unique way that lends them a sweet tobacco flavor that translates well as a darker roast. The processing is ...