Sumatra Grower
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Goodbye to Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra has been a core coffee for years. Thinking back, it has been in our offering for over 15 years. Sumatra coffees are processed in a unique way that lends them a sweet tobacco flavor that translates well as a darker roast. The processing is ...
Caffeine Molecule
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Caffeine Content Reveal

Caffeine affects everyone differently. You may already know how your body responds to caffeine. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much caffeine is in common beverages. Below is a chart for your reference. One thing to know, beverage size is ...
Organic Coffee
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Are Certifications Bogus?

Do you believe in certifications? Well, we do and so do our growers. When we visit our coffee growers, they fully believe in the benefits of certifications, not only for the prosperity of the land, but also the higher price they earn. Below are the ...