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March 21, 2012

Here at A&E we believe that every beverage is more than just a drink. In support of that philosophy, may we present: our regular events! We offer an ongoing roster of demos, events, tastings, and drink specials (designed to entice your sense of adventure).

Contact us any time for more information about current or upcoming events…just this month we have already offered a hands-on Roast Demo – a chance to learn about what we do and take home a pound of coffee you helped to roast – and a two-punch Tuesday where every purchase of an espresso drink earned two punches on the A&E Custom Cup card instead of one.

Coming March 24, from 11a.m. to 1 p.m., a Sensory Analysis of Green Tea class. Green tea, thanks to its healthful qualities, has become a tremendously popular tea. Experience the differences in taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of several varieties of green tea. Learn to think outside of the cardboard box as we guide you through a magical tea experience. We will be tasting our most popular green teas and discussing flavors and characteristics that are significant to each.  Other topics include: brewing instructions, processing methods, and cultural impacts. The cost of this workshop is $10 per person and you will leave with a 1-ounce bag of a featured tea – and a new found knowledge of the nuances of this well-loved tea.

Throughout the month of March, enjoy these drink specials:  the Chocolate Stout Latte, the Leprechaun Latte (it’s not made from leprechauns, but from delicious Irish cream &
caramel), or a Shamrock Steamer (a coffee-free hot chocolate with Irish cream).


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