August’s Featured Bean: Uganda Bugisu

August 20, 2013

Uganda is a landlocked nation in Eastern Africa, just to the left of Kenya on a map.  Fertile soil and regular rainfall make it a good

Fresh coffee berries, organic, fair trade, A&E Roastery

By L. Shyamal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

place for growing things – things like coffee – and coffee has long been a Ugandan export. Inspired by the beauty of the countryside, Winston Churchill called Uganda the “pearl of Africa.”

Bugisu is the name of the tribe that farms the mountain, Mt. Elgon, which our Uganda bean hails from, and Bugisu is now the name applied to the coffee they grow. Their Sipi Falls Coffee Project was begun in 1999 as a model of farmer re-education and innovation for the 5,000 small landholders in the area. The whole family helps to pick the red cherries and dries them in the sun before transporting them for sale on donkeys, bicycles or baskets on the head. Modern sustainable-farming practices have helped to dramatically increase yield as well as quality.

Mt. Elgon is an ancient volcano on the border with Kenya. The steep slopes and cooler weather of the growing region make it perfect for coffee growing, although it’s difficult to traverse in the rainy seasons. Very often there are no roads, only dirt tracks, which are washed away by the rains. But the resourceful Bugisu tribesmen who live on the mountain have become expert coffee farmers and have developed their own transportation methods. Grown in this magical setting, Sipi Falls Coffee is the only Organic Bugisu Arabica Coffee available in Uganda.

This organic, fair trade bean has a cocoa-sweet, earthy aroma with a buttery-smooth texture, rich flavor and mellow finish. It is fully-bodied, robust, with a bit of spice.

Grown at 5,200-6,230 feet, these Blue Mountain beans are washed and sun-dried, and harvested between August and December.

Try a cup – it might become one of your favorites!

For more coffee varieties check out our Coffee Selection.

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