August Featured Coffee: Rose Diamond

August 11, 2014

This year I had the opportunity to be a judge at the Big Eastern Coffee Championships held in January in Durham, N.C.. It was a regional qualifying round of the annual U.S. Coffee Championships There I met Ricardo, another judge and coffee importer from Brazil, who currently works for Ally Brazilian Coffee Merchants.

Rose diamondIn the micro-roast coffee industry, many buyers are extremely selective when making purchases, choosing to buy small quantities from a wide range of growers. Because of this, many coffee producers are left with large amounts of coffee that they cannot sell. Ally is unique in their approach to importing, opting to buy all the coffee for sale from a particular producer and finding uses for the entire inventory. This method provides a tremendous amount of security for the producer and is a more economically stable model overall.

I reached out to Ricardo for a Brazilian bean that would work well for espresso. After sampling some products, I finally settled on our Rose Diamond, A&Es featured coffee for August.

This bean makes excellent espresso. The complexity in the cup and the balance of sweetness to acidity works really well. Rose Diamond features a smooth, buttery flavor with a silky finish.

We will be featuring Rose Diamond this month in both the Amherst and Manchester cafés. Stop in a give it a try yourself!


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