August Featured Artist: Amy Llunna Borlaug

August 2, 2012

You may recall that Amy’s work has been featured in the café previously.

Her work will be featured all during the month of August, but we’re kicking off her exhibit with an opening reception in the café on Friday, August 3, from 7-8pm.

Beyond her art, Amy is our sales representative. But let’s let Amy tell you more about her artwork:

“I love using natural things in all my creations. Being an Interfaith Minister, Priestess Of Avalon, and a Mic Mac Native, my love for the Earth is present in all my work. Either it’s pottery, jewelry, ritual tools, or statues, I like to take an image from a walk, or something I find on my journeys to incorporate in my art. My love for stones and feathers and bones are in the pieces I have available here. They are all natural feathers and stones.  I honor and love all animals in an artist way of the sacred. I only use animals that are deceased by NATURAL deaths or untimely like road kills, feathers found on my meditations walks etc., gifts or offerings. I WILL NOT kill an animal. I always let the animal’s spirits go before performing any piece of work. It is done in an ancient way taught to me by Elders in a sacred way. I use ancient techniques and Dermisted Beetles (like used in taxidermy) for all my pieces. I will do custom orders. I accept paypal also.”

Clearly, she is inspired by nature – and we are inspired by her. Don’t miss her earthy, unique pieces this month.



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