Art in the Cafe: Eryka Sellers

October 18, 2011

This month, I’m excited to feature our very own Eryka Sellers as the artist in the café. Eryka has been a barista with us since the summer. She is originally from Pennsylvania but moved to NH to attend graduate school at Southern NH University.

Eryka’s medium is knits. She works with yarns to make wearable and decorative arts, including the scarves, hats and jellyfish currently adorning our café. She is undoubtedly very creative.

Eryka's knit hats

This is the first time we’ve featured wearable art at A&E Coffee. I like that it’s tactile. The drape, color and texture gives it dimension and the jellies are, without question, adorable.

Knit scarves for warm necks

Eryka has been crocheting for six years. She started because she wanted to make stuffed animals for her college dorm. She started knitting more recently to make scarves and hats to keep her warm during the long NH winters. She typically works with bright yarns, distinctive colors and patterns with texture. For this display however, she used a lot of multi-colored yarns and simple patterns to show them off.

The jellyfish are Amigurumi, a Japanese form of crochet that literally translates to: to knit + stuffed animals. This technique is based on spirals that are used to make spheres and other shapes that are used to create stuffed animals. Amigurumi toys are often highly embellished and, therefore, not necessarily intended as children’s toys, but as decorations, prized for their cuteness. Eryka started making the jellies for her friends in 2006.

Amigurumi Jellyfish

Eryka’s creativity is not limited to her knitting and crocheting. She also doodles quite masterfully and the doodles she leaves around the café and office crack us all up, which is why I’ve included a couple here for you to enjoy, too!

Eryka will be adding pieces all month so this feature will change each time you come in. Make sure you check back often.



Eryka's Doodle Art


So true in a food establishment!


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