Art in the Cafe: Amy Lluna Borlaug

January 27, 2012

I’m thrilled to be showing the jewelry of Amy Llunna Borlaug in the café this month. Amy is not only an artist, but also our sales representative, helping us to find new places to sell and serve A&E coffee and tea.

Amy is a fascinating person. She definitely is magnetic. She draws people in. She’s really true – you can sense that there’s an honesty and a purity about her. She’s also definitely a fan of natural objects.

Amy B and the jewelry on display in the cafe

Amy is an interfaith minister and priestess to the Goddess. Her love for Earth and all things natural is present in her art, including the jewelry we’re displaying this month. Her love for stones and feathers are represented in the jewelry, which is made of natural feathers and stones with silver accents.

Amy has so many interests and she actually pursues them. The jewelry is an extension of who she is and her interest in natural life.

You can follow Amy on Facebook.

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