Art in the Cafe: Amber Chesbrough

November 28, 2011

We have new art in the café this month, and I’m so please to feature Amber Chesbrough, the café’s assistant manager, and her beautiful photographs.

Amber was introduced to the world of photography through her grandfather and her love of the medium blossomed while leafing through copies of National Geographic.  The National Geographic influence clearly comes through in her pictures.  Her photos, as Amber puts it, are images of common things.  Amber is able to connect with the viewer on a personal level through her vision of these common things.

Amber's photos

All of Amber’s compositions are really beautiful, from the images she captures to the way she has framed her pieces in a way that really identifies what’s significant within the picture.


Most of the photographs are serene landscapes, peppered with images of specific subjects.  One of my favorites is a photo of some old boats tied to a dock.  The contrast between the white boats and dark water is wonderful.

Another photo that stands out is the image of a mountain in the distance.  The mountain stands alone, looking desolate and isolated.  In the foreground is a vibrant garden, full of lush, beautiful flowers.  Separating the mountain and the garden is a gate.  The contrast in this photo is quite striking.

The other photo I love in Amber’s collection is a group of metal coffee tables, paired with metal chairs, that have all been hand painted.  Time, use, and the elements have worn down the paint and a pigeon is poking out from under one of the tables.  This particular photo not only speaks to me, it tells me a wonderful story.

Stop by the café this month and see what stories Amber’s photographs tell you.

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