April Feature Drinks, 2015

April 10, 2015

We are thrilled with our April Feature Drinks in the cafes. One is a revival of a favorite, one is a new twist, and one is innovative and exciting.

spring break latte

Spring Break Latte

The Revival:
The snow is melting rapidly. We never thought we would see grass again, and yet, it is peaking out under the snow banks here and there. On south facing slopes and sides of buildings, a few hardy bulbs are starting to force their way through the thawing ground. As evidence of spring pops up and temperatures climb during the day, the desire for cold coffee beverages increases. We understand the need to embrace spring and have revived the Spring Break Iced Latte. Last year we made the switch to almond/coconut milk, and are continuing with that recipe this year. We infuse orange zest in the almond/coconut milk and add a dash of vanilla simple syrup along with espresso. It is refreshing, revitalizing, and down right delicious.

basil pomelo

Basil Pomelo Cortado

The New Twist:
The Pomelo Cortado is not a new drink for us. Add a basil component, and now you have the new twist. This drink goes a few years back and was originally served as a macchiato with a dried apricot. It evolved into a cortado last year, and now we are adding another layer of flavor complexity by infusing the milk not only with pomelo zest, but also fresh basil. The basil is most noticeable in the drink’s finish, offering a subtle zesty/cool mouthfeel. In addition to the pomelo/basil infused milk, we add honey and espresso. It is a drink to be savored (and not guzzled).

The Innovative:
The Mango Espresso Cocktail is an espresso-forward drink served in a stemmed cocktail glass, rimmed with coco and natural sugar. While judging regional barista competitions, we experienced many espresso-forward cocktail styled drinks, and really enjoyed them. It is a stretch to introduce a coffee drink sans milk. However, we feel part of our job it to push the envelope in our region with our special reserve coffees and drinks. This drink is made with a double shot of espresso, chilled in an ice bath, then blended with a mix of juices, shaken with ice, and strained into a coco/sugar rimmed glass and garnished with a lemon curl. It is an in-house drink only. If you are looking for a unique espresso experience, order it. It is quite amazing.

Mango Espresso Cocktail

Mango Espresso Cocktail

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