A&E Holiday Gift Guide

November 20, 2012

You know that we have a great selection of coffee, tea, and coffee and tea accessoriesbut let’s highlight a few that just might make perfect holiday season gifts–or host/hostess gifts when you go visiting for the holidays. (And remember, we have great selections online, but many more are available in the café!)

First, don’t miss our Thanksgiving Sale, in play from now through November 21st. All roasted coffees and whole leaf teas are on sale for 15% off. A special roast or treasured leaf makes a terrific host/hostess gift as you make your way to your Thanksgiving destinations. It’s something the host or hostess can enjoy for themselves, or that they can choose to share with guests if they wish – and that they might appreciate at the last minute when they notice that they forgot to pick up some coffee or tea to accompany those fine holiday desserts. It’s also a great time to refill your own personal stash with a favorite. As you know, our varieties rotate from time to time and some are only available in limited quantities. If you have a favorite, it’s best to nab it while you can.

French Presses: Large, small, take your pick.

Tea Pots: Whimsical, functional and fun, tea pots are always a sweet gift item. We
have a variety of colors, a few truly intriguing models, and an extremely elegant Japanese pot. Prices vary, to meet your budget.

Toddy: Cold-processed coffee opens a whole new world of coffee to many people (unless you are already a convert, of course). Our Toddy brewing system makes the magic a residential experience.

The Ultimate Home Espresso Bar: You may have noticed this fine collection on display in the café’s lounge area, and it is stunning. The glimmering, silver, espresso machine. The insulated glasses. The extremely serious bean grinder. We know what goes into a great cup of coffee and this is a gift for the serious, serious coffee enthusiast. Please ask for details, we can tell you more about just why we consider this the ultimate home coffee experience, and exactly how to get the best results with it. The action of the machine, the grind of the bean, it’s all calibrated to bring you the perfect espresso. It’s the ultimate way to impress coffee-loving guests. It’s an investment, but one that will leave friends and family talking about the coffee you served them for years to come – and will make your home a coffee destination.

And of course, stocking stuffers: Mexican chocolate, tea and coffee accessories, petite portions of coffee and tea that can be tucked into a stocking of any size, even travel mugs and small French presses…we have them.

Check out the fuller album of our coffee accessories, on our Facebook page.

As always, we encourage you to support local businesses during this holiday season. We know that you have many choices as a shopper, and a choice to shop local is a choice that supports local business, local families, and keeps your money local,

We have many items for you to choose from online, but many more available in the café, so come in and say hello!


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