Meet Our Staff

Emeran Langmaid: owner

A native of Kansas City, Kansas, Emeran Langmaid came to New Hampshire the way many young people do: for a job. With degrees in Textile Technology and Manufacturing, Emeran moved north to work for outdoor-apparel company, Eastern Mountain Sports, whom she was with for two years, working in men’s apparel, outerwear and accessories. In the meantime, her husband Adam (the “A” in A&E) began roasting coffee at home as a hobby, enjoying it with Emeran and giving it to friends and family. Emeran, looking for a change, decided to make the jump to coffee, starting a small roasting company in 2001. The café followed a year later.

Emeran fell in love with the Central American culture through mission trips she made to the Dominican Republic. Now, as an owner of a boutique coffee roastery, Emeran finds that a commodity like coffee has the potential to overcome some of the socio-economic challenges faced by indigenous peoples in third-world countries. This philosophy, along with an environmental consciousness, drives much of how A&E selects and purchases its coffees. She is passionate about coffee and tea, and strives to balance excellent quality with sustainability.

Credentials: Q Grader, SCAA Lead Instructor, Barista Guild Level 1 certified, USBC Barista Judge, USBC Brewers Cup Judge, mom to two amazing kids, wife to “A”, triathlete

Mark Small, roaster

Mark is a New Hampshire native. He enjoys specialty beverages, especially coffee and beer. Mark and his wife have been A&E Coffee & Tea customers since the early years. When their kids were all in school, Mark started roasting. He is an excellent roaster, calm, quite, matter of fact, and intensely focused.

Credentials: Roasters Guild member, Roasters Guild Level 1 certified, father to three fantastic kids, musician

Rachel Niemi: Quality Control, Trainer

Rachel has been with A&E since 2010! She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in environmental biology. She is certainly a scientist when it comes to coffee! Rachel pays close attention to the details and passing her knowledge along to others. She has high standards, and it shows in her dedication to training, packaging and implementing programs. Rachel loves order (again think scientist) and runs a tight ship in Manchester. With such cafe know-how, she is an excellent resource for our wholesale accounts as well.

Credentials: Barista Guild member, Barista Level 1 certified, animal lover (especially giraffes and kitties), beer enthusiast, Minion fanatic

Clare Mulrey: Customer Relations, Set Designer

Clare is another Merrimack native along with Rachel. She has a B.S. degree in biology; yes another scientist. She has the sweetest demeanor and is tender hearted. Clare will do whatever it takes to serve our customers, and she will do it with a smile on her face. Clare handles all of our charitable giving. Not only is Clare an incredible person, she is also amazingly creative. She designs and implements our cafes seasonal decor; keeping cohesion in the cafes. Clare is also a major contributer to our monthly specialty drinks. Outside of work, Clare can be found chasing her dog through the woods of NH, perusing Pinterest, trying new vegetarian recipes and spending time with her fiance.

Nichole DeClerq: Wholesale Manager

Nichole is a Mass native, but has been in NH for many years. She has worked at A&E for many years as well, starting in the cafe and moving into the wholesale side last year. Nichole is responsible for handling all our wholesale accounts. She follows up with accounts on a weekly bases, takes orders, sends out samples, and makes all our retail coffee bags look beautiful. (Nichole has wonderful handwriting, which is just one indication of her pride in the products she packages.) Ultimately, she treats our customers with respect. She is involved in the local music scene, managing Lisa Guyer Music Empowerment Program and bopping around to various restaurants and taverns.

Kadie Bourgoin: Mancherster Cafe Manager