Charitable Donations

Thank you for inquiring about a donation from A&E Coffee and Tea. These guidelines are designed to help us make sure that the donations we make help us serve our company mission. Please review the guidelines and fill out the form below. We will only consider donations, including local events, after the form has been filled out and reviewed.

Our Company Philosophy on Charitable Giving

As citizens of our local and global community, it is our responsibility to help our neighbors. We donate coffee and tea to local charitable organizations and sponsor fundraisers for national and international causes. We receive hundreds of donation requests every year. In order to make our donations more impactful, we have key requirements that must be met:

  • Tax ID information. Must be a 501(c) non-profit organization.
  • Detailed information about the cause and how money will be used for the cause.
  • Alignment with our company values: education, agriculture sustainability, social welfare

Donation Options

For donation requests, we have a few options based on our discretion. Most requests will receive raffle items.

  • Brewed coffee to serve 50 people (must be served with A&E signage)
    • Unfortunately, we cannot donate cups, sugar or cream
    • Must pick up brewed coffee and return equipment on the same day
  • Raffle items
    • Bagged tea of $15 value
    • Bagged coffee of $15 value
  • A&E Coffee & Tea must receive recognition for our donation. We will provide appropriate signage.

Charitable Donation

Qualifying Donation Form
    Please select the boxes that qualify for the cause.
  • We will only consider requests after this form has been filled out. Please do not come into the cafes requesting donations, we will just direct you to fill out this form. Just because you filled out the form, it does not me we have agreed to donate to your cause. There are many other considerations that help form our donation decisions. Please respect our decision. We require that the donation request be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. By typing your name above, you are agreeing to these terms.