About Us

“Quality and Sustainability are where we pride ourselves at A&E Coffee & Tea. We source coffee beans that have a story to tell and have a fantastic flavor composition. It is a privilege and honor to represent the growing communities when we process and present coffee to our customers.”

Our Story

A&E Coffee & Tea opened in 2001 and was the first USDA Certified Organic Coffee Roaster in New Hampshire. We started from humble roots and have grown to service accounts nation-wide. Our hometown hospitality is still core to our business philosophy: treat those around you with respect and simply do the right thing!

We were founded with a clear purpose to bring delicious coffee and tea to those around us while supporting growers around the world. We want you to be part of our world too! Let us know your thoughts and questions. We are happy to answer any and all coffee/tea related questions. Be prepared to go down some fun rabbit holes with us!

Our Mission

To provide each customer with personalized service and the finest possible specialty coffee and tea. Achieving that aspect of our mission, while simultaneously promoting environmental stewardship and economic fairness to growers, is at the core of our dedication to high-quality coffee and tea.

Our Approach

We love to share our passion for delicious specialty coffees and teas with our customers. A&E Roastery feels strongly that supporting the farmers, as well as their environment, is an essential corporate and personal responsibility. We focus on sustainability so farmers can maintain the vitality of their land and local ecosystems. We believe in supporting women throughout the supply chain, from the farmers all the way to our accounts.

At A&E, we take the time to educate our customers, while sharing our passion for quality coffee and tea. On staff, we have a Q Grader, Barista Guild certified baristas and trainers, Golden Cup Certified Technician, Roaster Guild certified roaster and a US Barista and Brewers Cup Competition judge. We really know our stuff and love to spread knowledge with our customers and accounts.

Our Philosophy

The core components of our business are respect, integrity and honesty. These values are the compass for our decision-making process.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and is grown on every continent except Antarctica. Tea is one of the oldest known beverages, and is an important agricultural product for Asia. We believe the rich history of these commodities provides an amazing opportunity to positively impact global land-use and agricultural practices.

Sustainability & Environmental Practices: A&E Coffee & Tea is dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture practices by encouraging environmental stewardship and economic fairness to growers. Sustainable agricultural practices improve soil and growing conditions, resulting in better coffee and tea. By purchasing sustainably-grown coffee and tea now, we ensure high-quality harvests for future generations of growers and connoisseurs.

Recycle+Reuse Practices: A&E Coffee recycles everything possible. Paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass are all recycled throughout our supply chain. When possible, we compost coffee grounds via the best resource: our customers. Any customer who drops off a 5-gallon bucket with their name and phone number is eligible to get coffee grounds, free of charge. A&E calls the customer when their bucket is full and ready for pickup. This program enables us to recycle roughly 75 percent of grounds year-round, and up to 100 percent during the summer months. The program is a win-win! Since coffee grounds are heavy and physically difficult to put in a dumpster, our customers are directly helping us. By providing a nitrogen-rich soil amendment in the form of coffee grounds, our customers can produce the finest compost-soil mix for their garden or agricultural operation.

Economic Fairness: A&E feels strongly that supporting farmers, as well as their environment, is an essential corporate responsibility. For about 3 cents more per cup, coffee and tea drinkers can directly impact the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of families worldwide. We provide farmers a fair price so they can have a living wage and maintain the vitality of their farms. Economic fairness benefits us all.

Charity: As citizens of our local and global community, it is our responsibility to help our neighbors. We donate coffee and tea to local charitable organizations and sponsor fundraisers for national and international causes.

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