How A&E Coffee & Tea Became Your Favorite Coffee Roaster

A&E Coffee & Tea first roasted beans in December of 2001. “Our first bags were sold at a craft fair in Hingham, MA. We started out with four coffees: Guatemala and Colombia single origins, a blend, and a decaf,” founder Emeran Langmaid, reminisces. “Back then, no one was really offering single origin coffee. It didn’t make sense to me to spend time blending when the coffees we were buying were so good by themselves. We invested in quality equipment, knowing we needed it last. Our first roaster was a Diedrich IR-5. We upgraded to the Diedrich IR-12 we still use today along with our new Diedrich CR-25. Looking back, it’s amazing that those early decisions to focus on quality, relationships, and being somewhat of a maverick are still how we approach our work today.”

We started from humble roots and have grown to service accounts nation-wide. Our hometown hospitality is still core to our business philosophy: treat those around you with respect and simply do the right thing! We were founded with a clear purpose to bring delicious coffee and tea to those around us while supporting growers around the world.

Our Coffee Professionals

Emeran LangmaidEmeran Langmaid: Founder and Ringmaster

Emeran founded A&E Coffee & Tea 20 years ago with the mission to bring amazing coffee to New Hampshire. She simply loves coffee and its journey from the seed to cup. Emeran is the ringmaster of A&E, making sure the magic of turning a seed into the most amazing espresso or cup of coffee goes on without a hitch!


Ann Fay: Director of Product Marketing and Digital Magician 

Ann comes to us with more than 15 years of experience planning, designing, and leading strategic digital growth initiatives with a focus on sales. As Director of Product Marketing, Ann works her magic to evolve the landscape of the company and its bold vision for the future.

Rachel NiemiRachel Niemi: Quality Control and Tinkerer

Rachel is responsible for quality and consistency control of all the coffee and tea we sell. Rachel is a teacher at heart and loves sharing her passion and knowledge of all-things-coffee with our customers. She is a master tinkerer and gets her hands dirty fixing and maintaining equipment. Rachel, the stage manager, makes sure your orders go out tasting great, on time, and up to our standards.


Madeline JonesMadeline Jones: Account Manager and Social Butterfly

Madeline receives all your orders and is your first point of contact. She knows a ton about running a cafe and is truly a wealth of knowledge. Madeline also manages our social media. She is the promoter, adding her wit and charm to every post. If that is not enough, Madeline works with Rachel in fulfillment, helping to make sure your orders are packaged up properly with detailed care and attention.


Mike HarneyMike Harney: Roastmaster and Coffee Whisperer

Mike is our roastmaster and resident coffee whisperer. He loves the crossroads of science, art, and mystery. Mike has years of roasting experience and literally coaxed the most amazing flavors out of the green coffee. He is also a guardian of approachability in our coffee; whether it’s light, dark, or any roast level in between. Mike has wonder and respect for coffee, and he’s known to wax poetic when roasting.


Kit SudolKit Sudol: Production Specialist and Fashion Maven

Kit does our online fulfillment. If you order coffee or tea online, Kit is your best friend. She processes your order from start to finish. Kit also works alongside the team packaging up our wholesale orders. Kit wins the best-dressed award. Her sense of style and music infuse the space with fun and funk. Not only that, she was a cafe manager, so she knows the ins and outs of running a cafe, managing staff and making drinks. 


“Madeline is absolutely amazing. She is very responsive, personable and great at helping a start-up cafe. She is really flexible as we get up and running.”


Specialty Coffee Credentials

It’s one thing to say you are awesome. It’s another thing to back it up. We are vested in the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and adhere to their guidelines.

  • Leading Coffee Experts
  • Q Coffee Grader
  • US Brewers Cup Judge
  • Golden Cup Technician
  • USBC Barista Competitor
  • US Barista Sensory Judge
  • US Barista Technical Judge
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Specialty Coffee Certified Baristas


Our Business Philosophy

Our mission is to provide each customer with personalized service and the finest possible specialty coffee and tea. Simultaneously promoting environmental stewardship and economic fairness to growers is at the core of our dedication to high-quality coffee and tea. Combining these aspects of our philosophy makes us who we are.

The core components of our business are respect, integrity, and honesty. These values are the compass for our decision-making process.

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world and is grown on every continent except Antarctica. Tea is one of the oldest known beverages and is an important agricultural product for Asia. We believe the rich history of these commodities provides an amazing opportunity to positively impact global land-use and agricultural practices.

Recycle + Reuse Practices: A&E Coffee recycles everything possible. Paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass are all recycled throughout our supply chain. 

Economic Fairness: A&E feels strongly that supporting growers, as well as their environment, is an essential corporate responsibility. 

Charity: As citizens of our local and global community, it is our responsibility to help our neighbors. We donate coffee and tea to local charitable organizations and sponsor fundraisers for national and international causes such as New Hampshire Public Radio, Nashua Soup Kitchen, Nashua Fire Department, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, International Institute of New England and Amigos del Cafe to name a few.

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