A special guest among our hand-blended teas: Republic of Tea

April 12, 2012

Teas have a longer shelf life than coffee, but they do degrade with time. The
 teas we have in the glass jars at the café sell through rather quickly, but with very
 unique teas, the turn around can be much slower. Not to mention that there are so many amazing teas out there and we have only so much space to store tea in jars. We wanted to add a few more unique teas to our collection but had to find a realistic way of adding them to our space as well as keeping them fresh.

Our solution: In order to guarantee freshness and quality, we decided to go with the Republic of Tea tins. This is a great opportunity to offer unique teas in smaller volumes.

Republic of Tea is a high-quality and popular line of teas that we feel fits right in with our select products. They are a line that tea lovers love but which also has the ability to charm the more occasional tea drinker. They have been creating their artful teas for 20 years, this year.

The Republic of Tea teas that we carry are the ones that we have gotten requests for (below), but we are also able to special order teas – we have a one pound minimum
order for special ordered teas:

Lapsang Souchong: The Tea of Mystery – The entrancing, smoky character of this tea is achieved by an elaborate process. The hand-picked leaves are smoked over pinewood embers, for a distinct and mysterious cup. $13.50/tin

Milk Oolong: Cup of Abundance – This delightful, hand-processed green oolong is grown high in the Fujian mountains in China. Famous for its “milky” taste and silky texture, the large, tightly-rolled leaves have the alluring fragrance of sweet cream and pineapple. The flavor is smooth with light, orchid notes. Great for multiple infusions. $15.75/tin

Tea of Inquiry: Green Tea with Toasted Rice – A robust cup with the fresh flavor of grain. Fire-toasted rice and large green Sencha tea leaves are blended to produce this smooth, toasty brew. Finest grade produced. $14.50/tin

Another perk of the Republic of Tea lines is the beauty of their packaging. It really demonstrates a commitment to the whole experience of tea, the same way that we work to give you a whole experience of tea. Check out these new teas and let us know what you think!

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