A 2011 Coffee and Cancer Study Roundup!

February 15, 2012

This article gives a nice overview of some of the most significant “coffee’s health benefits” articles of 2011. Certain types of endometrial, prostate, skin and breast cancer seem to respond in a good way to relatively high amounts of coffee consumption.

Endometrial cancer is cancer of the uterine lining – so this one’s for the ladies. This study’s scope was fairly broad, with 67,470 study subjects being followed over the course of 26 years. Tea was also included for consideration in this study and the tea drinkers did not enjoy the same reduced risk that the coffee drinkers did. Caffeine is apparently not the do-gooder, but they haven’t identified which other chemical is doing the work.

Interestingly, the study on prostate cancer showed that both drinkers of both regular and of decaf received the same cancer protection benefit. Again, apparently caffeine was not the magical chemical doing the good work. These scientists did find, however, that the coffee was not beneficial in combating all types of prostate cancer.

We posted previously, of course, about the study citing coffee as beneficial in reducing the occurrence of a certain type of skin cancer: basal cell carcinomas. This is a less deadly type of skin cancer, but it is the most common of all forms.

And finally, ER-negative breast cancer was another form of cancer, shown to have some kind of healthful relationship with coffee. The results of that study definitely point to a need for further research – they aren’t sure which chemical in the coffee is “the one,” and since not all coffee is exactly the same, they can’t yet say for sure which one would be best to drink.

These are all items to keep an eye on for further updates. In the meantime…drink up!

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